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New address of ancient weaponry museum
26-03-2014 16:46

After 1 years of temporarily stopped operation, Ancient Weaponry Museum will reopen at new address No 98 Tran Hung Dao Street (ward 1, Vung Tau city).

Those who love BRVT tourism surely know the Ancient Weaponry museum with collection of ancient weapon, military equipment and goods gathered from many countries on over the world. The owner of this weaponry collection is Mr. Robert Taylor (British citizenship). With the passion of weapon, Mr. Robert devoted all his mind and money to research and collect weapon when he still was young. After that, he came to BRVT province for working and got married with Ms. Nguyen Thi Bong in 1998. To satisfy the desire of owning ancient weaponry museum at Vung Tau city, Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bong asked Vietnamese Government for a permission to import their collection of weapon into Vietnam and opened the museum at No 14 Hai Dang Street, ward 2, Vung Tau city.


With the help of the Ministry of Culture – Sport and Tourism as well as related Ministries and branches since 2009, Mr. Robert has imported 5 turns of ancient weapon into Vietnam with 1.032 items including guns, swords, bayonets, military equipments and goods, clothing etc. More than 2/3 of items were assessed and issued antique certificate by Antique Survey Council of Cultural Heritage Bureau (directly under Department of Culture – Sport and Tourism) then displayed at Ancient Weaponry Museum.

The museum which was opened in the beginning of 2012 and drew attention of tourists on over the country due to its specific characters. Many travel agencies chose Ancient Weaponry Museum as prominent program when taking their customers to visit Vung Tau city.

The museum had run almost 3 months, Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bong emerged contradiction and got divorced after that. In October 2012, People’s Court of Vung Tau City handled the case of separating property in the divorce of Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bong. During this time, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bong sold and transferred all general property, including the house that they used as weapon museum.


Mr. Robert Taylor told that when the house was sold, he actively asked the provincial authority to relocate weapon collection to new address. the authority created favorable conditions for Mr. Robert to survey many places, but he realized that the house at No 98 Tran Hung Dao Street, ward 1 (the old head office of Provincial Women Union) was the suitable place for his collection due to ancient architecture that helped him to save money and repairing time to reopen the museum as soon as possible.

At the recent meeting chaired by Department of Culture-Sport-Tourism in which the official document No 1345/ UBND-VP on March 6th of Provincial People’s Committee was deployed with representatives of Department of Foreign Affair, Provincial Police, Department of Finance, Department of Construction, People’s Committee of Vung Tau city, all delegates agreed with the new location. Mr. Robert Taylor must build a plan of relocating and displaying, welcoming and serving visitors etc to submit to provincial People’s Committee for consideration and approval.

Dang Khoa – Translated by T.T

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