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Con Dao Museum – the place for keeping Vietnamese glorious history
26-04-2014 08:19

After the Liberation Day April 30th 1975, Con Dao Revolutionary Historical Vestige was frequently preserved and restored by Departments at Central and local levels. However, Con Dao district did not have an official museum so it had to borrow Island Lord House vestige to display all historical items.

These historical items at this temporary museum not only denounced crime of colonialism and empire but also proved that Con Dao was revolutionary school of Communist soldiers and Vietnamese patriots during wars.

With this important meaning, since 2003, People’s Committee of Ha Noi City decided to support People’s Committee of BR-VT province to build a large scale museum at Con Dao district.This was a meaningful building that expressed capital people’s affection to BR-VT province in general and Con Dao district in particular.

Photo: Internet

On Dec 6th 2009, Con Dao museum was invested more than 65 billion VND including 45 billion VND from supporting of Ha Noi City; the rest of that was contributed by BR-VT province and other sources.

The construction of Con Dao Museum was corresponsive with policy of Party Committee, Vietnamese Government and people’s expectation. Directing Board of Con Dao Museum researched, collected and preserved cultural heritages including physical culture, social culture and spiritual culture which focused on original objects to serve for national foundation and defense, Socialist construction.

On Jan 1st 2009, Provincial People’s Committee of BR-VT province officially opened Con Dao Museum to exhibit the historical items of Vietnamses during wars. 2.000 documentations and objects were displayed in 4 main themes reflecting Colonialist and Imperialist regime; unyielding fighting spirit of revolutionary soldiers and Vietnamese patriots during 113 years; development of Con Dao district nowadays as well as preservation of Con Dao historical vestiges. The exhibition aimed to educate young generation now and future about revolutionary tradition of Party Committee and Vietnamese people.

Outdoor exhibition area was an opened-space without proof that was easily influenced by the weather. Therefore, this area just displayed some natural and social historical objects which had big sizes. Besides, there were lawn, parterre and plants to create green space surrounding the museum. This was not only the space for relaxation to visitors but also introduced archaeological collections of Con Dao such as excavating hole of Hon Cau ancient village, Hai Den cemetery, Mieu Ba Con Dao cemetery etc.

With modern and scientific decoration and plentiful items, Con Dao Museum attracted 8.000 domestic and foreign visitors since the 3rd quarter of 2013 to the present. During April, the museum welcomed about 1.500 visitors. The figure may increase to 15.000 from now to end of year.

Huynh Son – Translated by T.T

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