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Farmers Association of BR-VT province: The stable support of its members
20-10-2014 09:29

During the past few years, Farmers Association of BR-VT province has been improving the organization to help its members. Thanks to the incessant effort, Association’s operation has been developing well and attracting many new members.

Upgrading activity’s quality and consolidating association’s organization were appointed as two key missions of all hierarchies of Provincial Farmers Association during the past years. Among that, two movements achieved the best results were “Farmers register good trade competition” and “Uniting to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty”.

100% hierarchies of Provincial Farmer Association has executed the movement “Farmers register good trade competition” so far and got good results of both quality and quantity. Since the beginning of 2014, there was nearly 39.000 families gained the title “good farmers” including 211 families met national-level and nearly 1.500 families met provincial-level.

All hierarchies of Provincial Farmers Association also effectively executed the movement “Uniting to eliminate hunger and reduce poverty” by mobilizing members to support each other with more than VND 4.7 billion, 15.000 saplings and breeders, tens of ton of fertilizer and other materials. This movement helped nearly 1.200 poor families to get out of the poverty.

In order to make favorable conditions for farmers to join competition movements, all hierarchies also found a supportive fund. Since 2012, members of Provincial Farmers Association have been supported over 1,500 times with an amount of money of more than VND 25 billion from the Fund. Besides, the Association cooperated with Bank of Social Policy to lend families more than VND 605 billion in over 7.200 turns.

In 2013, Association’s hierarchies and Provincial Farmers Supportive Center cooperated with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Labor – War Invalids and Society to hold 20 vocational classes for 642 laborers in rural areas. Most of trainees got the stable jobs after finishing the class, the rest were recommended the suitable jobs.

With these remarkable results, BR-VT’s Farmers Association asserted itself as a trustworthy support so that farmers can strengthen the union, renovation, integration and development for the new period.

Huynh Le – Translated by T.T

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