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Politics - Society 
Cai Mep Port’s Border Station ensures the security for the port
23-10-2014 08:46

Apart from ensuring security for the port, during the past few years, Cai Mep Port’s Border Station has been cooperating with Tan Phuoc commune’s authority (Tan Thanh district) to convert ex-prisoners and execute the social welfare.

With 5 km of river passing through, Tan Phuoc commune, Tan Thanh district has 5 deep-water ports including Interflour Port, Tan Cang Cai Mep Port, Tan Cang Cai Mep International Port, PV Gas Port and Petec Port. The operation of these above ports at Tan Phuoc commune has been creating favorable conditions for the development of service, trade and logistics and providing jobs to thousands of people in the province and other regions.

However, the operation of these ports also caused the complicated evils. Besides the existing problems such as deforesting protective forest, illegal fishing and resource exploitation, Tan Phuoc commune now is being mentioned with the raise of illegal purchasing, theft, robbery, drug addiction, prostitution.

Photo: BRT TV

To ensure the social order and security at Tan Phuoc commune, Cai Mep Port’s Border Station closely cooperated with Party Committee and local authority to mobilize the citizens to protect the border, border line, obey all policies of Party Committee and regulations of the national law system. Besides, guardsmen of Cai Mep Port’s Border Station together with Police and warden frequently patrols to protect the border gates and timely treat the offenders. Since 2012, guardsmen of Cai Mep Port’s Border Station and functional departments of Tan Phuoc commune have held 182 patrol shifts, detected and treated 174 cases, arrested 318 offenders.

Not only completing the task of patrolling, Cai Mep Port’s Border Station also cooperated with Tan Phuoc commune’s authority to convert offender’s dignity so that they can return to the honest life.

Huynh Van Chung, a young man living at Tan Phuoc commune, Tan Thanh district told: “I used to be depraved with bad friends until I met border guardsmen. I realized that I was wrong and I gradually amended myself. Thanks to border guardsmen’s admonishment, now I’m an honest person. My life is better than before”.

Besides, Cai Mep Port’s Border Station also well executed the charity programs within the commune. During the last year, Cai Mep Port’s Border Station mobilized businesses to build 4 houses that were worth VND 147 million for the poor at Tan Phuoc commune; supported for 1 family 15 kg of rice and VND 300.000 per month that positively contributed to hunger elimination and poverty reduction program.

The good results of Cai Mep Port’s Border Station in maintaining social order and security as well as charity work fortified the belief between this department with local authority and citizens. However, the criminal trickeries are more and more complicated that request the closer cooperation between Border guards force and local authority and citizens to ensure the safety for ships running at ports within Tan Phuoc commune in particular and Tan Thanh district in general.

Ngo Chien – Translated by T.T


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