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Exported turnover of BR-VT province increased remarkably
29-10-2014 16:33

The export activities in BR-VT province has been growing strongly in the comparison with that of the same period last year. This is the good signal for local socio-economic development during the rest time of year after the difficult period caused of international and domestic economic crisis and inflation.

The garment trade is maintaining positive growth with increasing export to the export market, especially US, EU, Japan and Korea. These export rates for garment products are 15%, 19%, 14% and 32% respectively.

Photo: Internet

Besides, BR-VT province garment trade extended to new markets such as China and Russia etc. BR-VT province’s garment trade has been exceeding 53% of the year’s plan. Many garment businesses received orders to end of the first quarter of 2015.

Together with garment products, seafood and agricultural products are local major exported goods. Although facing many difficulties due to the decreased exported price, scarce material sources and unstable consumption market, businesses still ensured the well economic growth thanks to the flexibility and timely concern of local authority. Till the end of Sep, lots of businesses completed 80% of year’s plan.

Mr. Tran Van Dung, General Director of BR-VT Seafood Processing and Importing-Exporting Joint-stock Company (Baseafood) said: “With the positive effort and careful preparation, we completed 75% of year’s plan after 10 months. We exported more than 7.500 tons of seafood and got more than $ 23 million of turnover. We surely believe that we will complete the initial plan by the end of year”.

The mechanical engineering is also getting a remarkable recovery. The quantity of wind-turbine has been increasing well thanks to the order from new markets. The capacity and turnover of some trades of petroleum mechanics have been strongly increasing.

After 9 months of year, the total exported turnover was about $ 13.099 million, increased 26% compared with the figure of the same period last year. 10 of 15 local major export items have increased in both capacity and turnover. These are petroleum, steel, leather, imitation leather fabric, wind-turbine, garment products, cashew-nut oil, handbag, imitation leather products, and mechanical items.

With the current recovery level of international and domestic economy together with supportive policies of Government as well as businesses’ effort, BR-VT province strives for reaching $ 15.1 billion of total exported turnover, increased 5.8% compared with the figure of 2013.

Thanh Tung – Translated by T.T


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